About Me

What’s up, everyone!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Dominiek Verham and I live in the Netherlands. I work for Kooijman IT as CTO & Lead Modern Work in Belgium. I have always focussed on Microsoft products during my career. When I started I worked a lot with Microsoft Servers products, Exchange Server, SQL server etc. Later on a gradually progressed to desktop products with MDT. 

Nowadays I have a lot of fun with Microsoft Cloud products and I love to work with Windows 365 Cloud PCs, Azure Virtual Desktop, Nerdio Manager and Rimo3.

I started this blog in November ’21 as a way to share knowledge with the community and have fun while doing just that. In most cases I will stick to the technology, but in some cases I’ll give my opinion on the subject. This is my opinion alone and does not reflect other venders.

Here is a short list of my certifications. See my LinkedIn profile for a full list.

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty

Honor and Awards

  • Microsoft MVP (Windows and Devices for IT)
  • Nerdio NVP (2022 and 2023)
Dominiek Verham